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How to discover if it is a pirated product

Here are some tips about what to look for to find out whether you have received a pirated product:


Does the product come in cheap, scruffy packaging? Do the medicines lack outer packaging and come only in blister strips? Original products are not dispatched in this way. Sellers of pirated copies often devote few resources to packaging, so be on your guard if you are surprised at how the product is packed.

Labelling and product information

Are the product information, the packaging or the labels full of linguistic errors? This is an indication that the product is a pirated copy. Original manufacturers use professional translators.   

Smell the product

Leather should smell like leather, not low-quality glue, plastic or chemicals. Pirated cosmetics and perfume may have an exaggerated odour.

Ikon Sjekkliste

Check list for your shopping trip

  • Have you received a receipt and a guarantee?
  • Are the packaging, written content and illustrations of poor quality?
  • Does the product smell strongly of glue, plastics and chemicals?
  • Is it sloppily made with uneven stitch in textiles and leather?
  • Is the sales point in line with the brand's image?
Last update: 24. August 2017