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What to do if you have bought a pirated product?

When you have been shopping online or in a store, you may discover that you have been deceived. Here we have put together some tips regarding what you can do if you discover that you have bought a pirated product.

You should pay particular attention when shopping online, as many pirated products are in circulation, and it is easy to be deceived because you are unable to check out the product in the same way as you do when shopping in a store.

If you are in any doubt, ask the seller directly if the product is genuine, and ask for proof that this is the case. Some sellers post pictures of genuine products online, while what you receive is a pirated copy.

Take up the battle

If you have bought a product that turns out to be a pirated copy, you should contact the seller immediately to try to cancel the purchase.

If you have been deceived and have used a credit card to buy the product, you can contact the credit provider (that is to say the bank that has granted you credit) with a request to have your money returned. If the credit provider is unwilling to pay, you can send a complaint to the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.

Inform the original manufacturer

It is important for the original manufacturer to be informed that its products are being pirated. Only then can it contribute to halting the production and sale of pirated copies.

Inform the original manufacturer of the purchase, preferably attaching documentation, for example a copy of any advertising and pictures of the product you have bought. State when and where the product was bought. In that way you will make an important contribution to the fight against piracy.

Counterfeit medicines

If you have bought medicines you suspect of being counterfeit, you can contact the Norwegian Medicines Agency.

Tip off Norwegian Customs

You can inform Norwegian Customs if you suspect smuggling and sale of fake products by phoning the Norwegian Customs tip-off hotline on 04812.

You can also send an e-mail to ipr.tad@toll.no

Tip off the Directorate for Civil Protection and Preparedness (DSB) concerning dangerous products

The Directorate for Social Security and Preparedness (DSB) is working to provide safe products and consumer services on the market.

If you have experienced unwanted, potentially dangerous events related to the safety of products or consumer services, please inform them about this by filling out their electronic form. Your inquiry will only be used in DSB's preventive work. In some cases it will be necessary to contact the importer / manufacturer of the relevant product / consumer service.




Last update: 24. August 2017