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Innovation requires determination and resources, and involves risk taking on the part of those businesses that wish to be ahead of the curve. It’s important that you make sure you have the best protection against piracy so that the rewards of all the effort you’ve put in, fall to you and not product or copyright pirates.

Counterfeiting is a very real threat that your company needs to deal with throughout the lifetime of your product - from the initial idea, to sales launch and beyond.

You can protect your company's intellectual property rights in a range of ways. There is no custom-made solution that suits everybody. Therefore, you need to be proactive in choosing the best form of product protection for your particular venture.

Counterfeiting is not some kind of benign criminality that has no victims. Product pirates can also harm consumer health and safety. Piracy negatively affects the value and reputation of your trademark and consumers may thereby come to doubt the quality of your product.

Previously, product piracy mainly affected luxury goods like handbags, sunglasses and watches. Today, piracy is found across the board and manufacturers of pirated products have become extremely professional.

Piracy now affects all branches of commerce and product types, such as foodstuffs, housekeeping products, games, electronic items, car and plane parts, insect repellents, cigarettes, furniture and so on. Components and parts used in manufacturing are also being pirated extensively.

Moreover, according to Interpol, counterfeiting has clear links to organised crime networks, see Interpols Casebook from 2014. The products affected are produced without any form of quality assurance whatsoever and with only one aim – a quick and illegal profit for the pirates concerned.

This collection of pages demonstrates how your company can defend itself from piracy; how you yourself can avoid pirated products and components in your own production lines and how you can avoid inadvertently pirating products that belong to others.


Last update: 23. March 2015