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Facts and regulations

On these pages, we have compiled relevant surveys, reports and statistics, from Norway and abroad, relating to counterfeit products and copyright infringement or piracy.

Assessing the scale of the impact that counterfeiting and piracy has on society

Counterfeiting and piracy are illegal. These activities are usually carried out in a concealed manner and via the black economy. Obtaining exact statistics for the scale of the problem is therefore a big challenge. So much so that the figures we arrive at will invariably be based on estimates.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining precise figures that can accurately show the impact of piracy, a debate often arises as to the methodology used in these studies and the statistics that are meant to show the scale of the problem. Such debates can help to reveal deficiencies in the methodology that has been used in certain studies, and thereby, help to improve future investigations.

It is, however, important that discussions regarding counterfeiting and copyright infringement are not just confined to concerns about methodology. All the figures produced, in their various ways, do actually reveal a common trend: the problem of counterfeiting and piracy is huge, is getting worse, and is on a global scale.

Using this overall view as a context, we can see the importance of using all available resources and taking specific measures to get to grips with the problem. At the same time, we must still, of course, find the best and most dependable ways to assess the problem.


Last update: 26. March 2015